Hi, I’m Mark. Welcome to Firestone Fiction.

I’ve finally finished Neurostones after 9 months of carving out time in my busy day. It’s the sequel to my first book Firestone, but could be read as a stand alone book.

I’ve got a recipes page where I upload some of the dishes I’ve cooked at home lately, and some I’ve developed from my twenty-five years of professional cooking. I’ve posted lots of quick, easy and tasty dishes that are sure to impress. I love fast dishes. Who has time to slave over the stove with our busy lifestyles? I like to have the family fed in half an hour if I can, and not too much washing up either. If you’re after something more gourmet, drop a request on the posts page and I’ll try my best to come up with something.

If you’d like to subscribe, I’ll send you a link so you can download the Word files of all the recipes.

Thanks again for visiting and nice to meet you.