Sealed within two mysterious stones, an untold power burns, a celestial flame waiting to be released, demanding to be controlled…

In a mind-altering fantasy thriller, Kai Kazami seeks the truth about the mystical artefacts he pried from his mother’s lifeless fingers, their magic offering a fleeting distraction from his anguish, anger, and pain.

Abandoned by his wife, mourning his mother, Kai turns to meditation to help him accept his losses.

In a surreal trance, deeper and more vibrant than he thought possible, Kai harnesses a fragment of power from the stones, opening a gateway to unimaginable abilities.

But when a brutal attack leaves a close friend fighting for life in a terminal coma, Kai’s only hope lies in unlocking the full potential of his inheritance, and making the magic his own…

Kai Kazami – Sydney carpenter recently acquires two powerful gems
Pietta Talleur – Sole heir of Talleur Corporation luxury cruise fleet

Mark Reynolds

Hi. I’m Mark. I live in the Sunshine Coast with my beautiful wife and two young daughters. We enjoy hanging out as a family, going for walks along the beach, and drinking jumbo flat whites.

As a kid I was a big fan of comics-mainly Super Heroes, Scrooge McDuck, and Looney Tunes. I must have watched Superman and Superman II more than fifty times each, and was ten, I thought there was a chance I could have been Superman, just hadn’t worked out how to get my heat vision working, or why I hurt myself when I jumped out of trees.

I’m a chef by trade, trained in Melbourne straight out of high school, spent a few years living and cooking London and traveling around Europe. Now I work at a hospital, in food services but not as a chef.

When I was twenty-nine, I was lucky enough to meet the girl of my dreams while working on the Whitsundays in Tropical North Queensland. I‘ve spent the last seventeen years with her, and for the past twelve years I’ve been able to call her my wife. After I met her father, a builder down south, I decided I wanted to learn to build a house and spent the next seven years working as a labourer and a carpenter. My wife and I bought a couple of old houses to renovate and finished them just before we had kids.

A couple of years ago, a friend and I discussed how we’d both like to write a novel, challenging each other to write five-thousand words in thirty days. I wrote the start of Firestone and uncovered a real passion for the craft. What followed was an unexpected two years of hard work, late nights, and immersion the process of drafting, writing and editing. I read countless books on how to write novels, listened to podcasts and audiobooks on the art, watched YouTube videos signed up to writing blogs, absorbing as much information as I could.

When I’m not playing with my kids (or cleaning up after them), spending time with my wife, or writing, I’m either reading, or in the gym thrashing on the rowing machine, spinning on the spin bike or throwing barbells around.