Book 3 of The Firestones Archives

In a world of shadows and gloom, the creator of light is King…

Not much fazes Kai Kazami these days. Since mastering teleportation, astral projection, and multiple forms of martial arts, he’s found peace and purpose in his life. Not even bullets slow him down for long, as he heals from most wounds in a flash.

But Kai’s anxiety redlines when his cherished friend Jess is abducted. Whisked away to another universe by an evil version of himself, its a brutal reminder that despite Kai’s powers, his heart is still as fragile as any man’s.

The danger for Jess is as real as it gets, and after her kidnapper hints that the peril will soon worsen, Kai is left with grave fears for her life. To save her, Kai knows he’ll be up against powerful adversaries and treacherous obstacles, yet his biggest challenge is much more distressing.

Jess is on borrowed time, and Kai has no clue how to cross the multiverse…

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